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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Weekly Ramblings

Thought I would go ahead and give you an update on my week, since tomorrow is Mother's Day. If you're a regular reader, you know I've added a weekly update (usually on Sunday) to my blog.
Again, my week was rushed, beginning to think this is a trend - I feel like a hamster that is on a wheel and can't quite figure out how to get off.
My Mother got to go home from the hospital yesterday after 8 days. YEH!!!! She seemed to be feeling much better yesterday, I just hope she doesn't overdo.
My DH sent me on a wild goose chase one day this week looking for knock out roses for our business. He had heard that a place across town had them for $12.88, but he wasn't sure exactly sure where the place was. Now, when I say across town, that means about 30 minutes away from home - I know, no big deal, but there are places closer to us that have the same thing, maybe not the same price. So, I made the trip (he remember the name as I was going over, so I stopped and ask) only to get there an it was basically a locally owned Big Lots and they didn't have nor had ever had Knock Out Roses, but they were able to tell me that the store next to them had some. So I went there and all they had was pink. Our business colors are red, gray, black with just a touch of yellow, so we wanted red. So the hunt is still on. This time, I will look closer to home.
I spent yesterday afternoon mowing - I LOVE to mow, so relaxing only to come in to use the potty and saw a MOUSE running across the floor! I hate mice, so my DH set a trap last night and I don't really want to look and see if we've caught one,  but I guess I'll have too. You would have cracked up if you could have seen the look on my face and both my dogs were just barking at me and I thought - get the MOUSE! They both love catching those little lizards that are black and live outside under and around rocks in our landscaping and one of them is such a water dog that when we have lots of rain and a frog gets in the pool, he gets it out to plat with it! So I'm thinking - get the MOUSE, but they didn't.
I hope everyone has a Happy Mother's Day and your day is spent exactly as you would like!


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