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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Just what do I do?

I have been asked this question from time to time, because I think lots of people think if you don't work outside the home, they you watch soap operas LOL. So here's what I do:

As most of you know, I'm a stay at home Mom with two grown children and three dogs, so what do I do all day?? Well, I make cards, as you can see from my blog, but I also try to tackle projects around the house. I am currently working on removing popcorn from 2 bedroom ceilings, repainting the rooms and putting new flooring down. I have just about completed one and will be showing picture in the next couple of weeks.
Besides that - I try to spend a day a week with my Mom and help with whatever the kids need. The dogs certainly take up time, because 2 of the can't get out the dog door (they're too big) which means letting them out on a regular basis.
I also keep the books for our business and do payroll every week. So one day I'm out making bank stops (3 of them) and getting whatever supplies our business needs.
One day, I clean, and with a large house, it's a full day's job! I do my best to do our own flower gardening, taking care of the pool (usually 7 months out of the year) and filling in at work when needed. This time of year, my DH starts hunting, so I'm usually at the business 3-4 days a weeks.

Needless to say, I didn't cover laundry, grocery shopping or many of the other numerous things that I do that are routine daily or weekly tasks.

As you can see, I stay fairly busy and not sure how I would do all the above and work outside the home and our business.

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