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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Weekly Update

Hope you guys had a great week! I'm STILL running in circles. My niece's baby shower is 2 weeks away and I still lack making the banner and getting the napkins folded. I know it doesn't sound like much, but this time of year, there just seems to be so, so much going on. Starting in April, my MIL and BIL have birthdays, my nephew and Dad in May, June brings my brother, my Mother, my FIL and my son. July bring my SIL and of course, we have Mother's and Father's Day in there as well. So keeping up with orders, stock for our store (business) and family cards seems to be a full time good! But.... I do love doin' it, so I always make it through. My MIL has started the guest list for my DH's granny that will turn 100 in August. Looks like we will be inviting over 100 people to her party. Don't know about ya'll, but reaching 100 years is a wild!?! If I stop and think about what she had seen and done in those 100 years, it's almost unbelievable. She's still in great shape, just starting to get a little frail and her sight is pretty much gone, but she can hear everything that is said and her mind is as sharp as ever. When I get the invitations completed, I'll post and hopefully even post a pic or 2 from the party.


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