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Monday, August 22, 2011

Thank you

I love this Stampin' Up Paper I picked up at the LSS yardsale!! I needed to make a thank you card and I wanted to use this paper, so I made a banner and just added the letters. I used Quikcutz Dragonfly for the banner letters and I think (really I don'e remember) Alphalious for the "You". I thought it turned out great - yes simple, but gives an eye pop!

We went to my parents house yesterday to celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary. My brother and I got together and decided on a mini celebration. We brought all the food and got there before they got home from church- they showed up about 10 minutes later (they didn't stay for Sunday School), so we didn't have everything set up as we had hoped, but we still had a great lunch and Moma didn't have to do a thing! We had told them we were taking them out to eat at 1:00 - hoping they would delay coming home and give us enough time, but oh well, that got a little messed up, but it all worked out! My Dad doesn't hear well, so a restaurant isn't great for him, and we didn't want Moma to cook - which she would have INSISTED on, so our plans seem to fit the bill.
We we able to enjoy the afternoon and the kids (grown now) got to enjoy the lake. The only downside was when my Dad realized we weren't actually going to his FAVORITE restaurant and then he wanted to go out for supper. We all declined because it was getting late and we had such a big lunch, no one was actually hungry.
I hope every has a great week and stop by again soon! TFL

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