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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Dog Sitting

Something different from me on this post, we spent about 2 weeks dog sitting for my in-laws, they have a Maul tie-poo and we have 2 Jack Russells. Their dog, Mojo, only tolerated my 2 Jacks. He did not growl at them, he just wants human contact only. This was one of the few times he was on the couch near one of our dogs and happy. We discovered that he can NOT be left here as he will dig out from under the fence to go home. Home for him is less than a quarter of mile. After the 1st incident, we put rock, firewood, etc where he had escaped. After the next 2 times, many rocks, a cinder block and anything I could find, I gave up and dropped him off at my in-laws house if I needed to leave for a couple of hours. The day before they were due back, thinking he had become happy here, I left him here for several hours and we I came home, not only had he turned brown (mud and dirt), but there were paw prints from one end of our great room to the other. Soooo, I vacuumed, mopped, gave Mojo a bath, had to take one myself after that, and was secretly grateful that he was going home the next day (LOL). He really is a sweet boy, he just is happier in his own home (with no other pets). BTW, we do have a dog door, so the dogs are able to go out to a fenced yard and come back in.

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